A Life of Endless Summers Directed by Dana Brown
“I started this film six years ago with a simple idea of taking my father on a road trip but never finished it. Now after his passing, it’s time. Time to tell the story of a man, a father, a husband, a filmmaker, a pioneer, a legend. Tell the story of a life well lived, and a life of Endless Summers.”

A Surfer’s Search Directed by Kevin Steen
Erik Wilkie, reflects on his love for surfing in the Great Lakes.

Beyond Tradition Directed by Sin Aoki
The urushi Alaia Project is based on a foundation of appreciation and respect for both nature and surfing. Surfing enthusiasts from Japan, Australia and America are working together to establish and maintain a beautiful world, a sustainable environment and a responsible society that can be passed on to the next generation.

Clash of ClimatesDirected by Johannes Muller and Philipp Becker
When you think of the ocean in first case most of the people think of beaches, ice cream and sun screen. We go on holiday to warm destinations. It doesn ́t matter if only for surfing, sunbathing, partying or even all of it. Now image we take a local from the warm and send him on holiday to our home. To the cold. Let him experience a new world.
Snow. Ice. Moutains. Zero degrees. This is the story of Balinese pro surfer Marlon Gerber visiting Swedish cold water surfer Tim Latte in the beautiful but uncomfortable Lofoten (Norway).

This is Clash Of Climates.

Into the Storm (En La Tormenta)Directed by Adam Brown
A troubled teenager from the barrios of Lima tries to realise his dream of becoming a pro surfer and to raise his family out of poverty. Taken under the wing of a former world champion, he flourishes. But barrio life proves hard to escape and he is caught up in a drive-by shooting. Isolated and lonely, he hears his dad is due to be released from prison. He is torn between a desperate need for his father’s love and support, and the bad memories he has from when he was young.

93 – Letters From Marge Directed by Heather Hudson
Surfing Pioneer and icon, Marge Calhoun shares memories and reflects on her long life in handwritten letters to a friend. The film chronicles stories from her adventurous life that began in a little Hollywood cottage to her last days while sitting in her home next to a “picture window” with views to the sea and Morro Bay, CA. Though age had taken a toll on her body, Marge’s mind was sharp and could take her anywhere she wanted to go!

This sweet and personal film shines a light on the life of the 1958 Makaha International Surfing Champion, an inspiring woman who lived life to the fullest. She loved the ocean, surfing and especially BIG waves! Her glass was half full, not empty. She offers words of encouragement and expresses a joy of life and the fact that one is never too old to enjoy the ocean and as Marge says, “the gifts from the powers that be.”
93 is a film made with love & in her honor.
Marge Calhoun (1924-2017)

7 Lessons from Japan Directed by Rafael Mellin and Gustavo Ferolla
When it comes to Japan, most Westerners think of sushi, sumo and the kimono. What few people know is that behind the millenary culture, Japan hides some of the best adventure peaks in the world. A handful of paradisiacal islands in the middle of the Pacific, surrounded by waves, mountains and rivers, with a huge variety of world-class peaks to practice major action sports.
In this environment there is a growing young generation dedicated to action sports – especially surfing – the new member of Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and this is Japan we are revealing.
Professional surfer Dennis Tihara, a grandson of Japanese and a former resident of Japan, embarked on a 35 days adventure guided by Japan’s top surfers, searching for never filmed secret spots and revealing what most of the world has not yet discovered: Japan hides in sight some of the most amazing waves and landscapes on the planet. And it has much more to offer than just sake and karaoke.

Solace / A Surf Documentary Directed by Giorgio Ghiotto and Seamus Tyrrell
The story we captured is about a retiree who, despite his age, continues to surf on a regular basis. Despite being 70 years old he has not lost his energy and enthusiasm for life.
While there he began to feel tired and worn alienating himself from the industrial rhythms, until he has been introduced to surf world by his friend Dany.
The ocean has become his place of sanctuary; surfing a necessity. His new found love has gave him an appreciation for life that he wasn’t able to discover until now. As it comes to the perfect timing when catching the right wave, we just so happened to catch him at the right moment in his life. This is his story.

Street SurfersDirected by Arthur Neumeier
Frank Solomon, a big wave surfer and marine activist from Cape Town South Africa, travels to meet two exceptional men, Thabo and Mokete, who indirectly serve the environment through recycling as a means of income. This is the untold story of new friendships, shared experiences and common interest between individuals that are worlds apart. For anyone that has cruised the streets of Johannesburg, the site of the city’s ‘street surfers’ is as much a part of the landscape as is that of the high rise metropolitan skyline.

Surf Cuba Directed by Jacob Oster
Inside the communist country of Cuba exists a small but passionate community of surfers who, due to a lack of economic opportunity and governmental support for the sport, number no more than 150. This film colorfully documents the Cuban surf community’s struggles and how they overcome them in order to pursue their passion–Cubans don’t think about the problem, they think about the solution.

Tofino is a Place Directed by Ryan Struck
The women’s surf community in Tofino is a unique as British Columbia is remote. The annual all female surf contest Queen of the Peak was started by women and is a testament to the grit and determination of the women who live there.

UnnurDirected by Chris Burkard
Elli Thor is an Icelandic photographer, surfer, and former kayaker. A decade ago Elli nearly drowned under a waterfall while kayaking a challenging Icelandic river. The near death experience became a catalyst for personal growth and his professional career. After walking away from kayaking, a newfound passion for surfing and the birth of his daughter Unnur gave him a new perspective worth living for.

Unsurfed Afghanistan Directed by Nico Walz
Afri, a 3x World Surfing Games participant, has spent a lifetime searching the world’s best coastlines for surf but never in his home country of Afghanistan.
Filmed in 3 continents, Unsurfed Afghanistan is a documentary film that follows Afridun’s journey back to his home country with the help of some river surfers to find surfable waves and bring a drop of joy to the people there. The group battles with continual challenges on their 10 day journey from raging whitewater to culture clash. Their inspiring mission uncovers a long lost mystical side of a country battling with conflict through breathtaking landscapes and the desire to discover something new.

Water Get No Ennemy Directed by Damian Castera and Arthur Bourbon
In June 2018, professional surfers Damien Castera and Arthur Bourbon flew to Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world. For their film “Water Get No Ennemy”, they met the first generation of surfers in the country. Among them, former child soldiers who, 15 years after the end of the civil war, want to rebuild themselves through surfing.

Within Reach Directed by Mike Cochran
A “docushort” story about professional free surfer Josh Mulcoy, and his almost 3 decade obsession with surfing in Alaska.

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